Thursday, August 7, 2008

Stone Coast Knuckleball Bock

Polished off the last of the Maine cheese this evening while watching the Giants preseason contest versus the Lions of Detroit. Also sampled this beer:

Stone Coast Knuckleball Bock: Third beer from the right on the page above. Clear, deep amber, with a thin tan head. Bready munich malt aromas with some fruity esters and alcohol. Full bodied with pretty high carbonation. Malty, but not sweet. Just the right touch of hop bitterness. Great beer, wouldn't be stunned if I found out that it's brewed with an ale yeast.

My lager yeast starter is still going. I'll crash it tomorrow or Saturday in time to decant the starter beer and have plenty of lager yeast raring to go for the Oktoberfest brew on Sunday. Two weeks in the primary plus three to four in the secondary - should be ready for the middle of September.

In other yeasty news, I think I'm going to get a bottle of Castelain, steal the yeast from the bottle and culture it up to brew a biere de garde. Thoughts?

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