Friday, August 8, 2008

Havlicek stole the beer!

Oh, you were looking for the other Havlicek?

Riding on NJ Transit to Montclair this afternoon and took myself the opportunity to enjoy an adult beverage. I mean, it's a sin to pass up a beer on the train, right?

Havlicek Pilsner: On the train, so I was unable to pour it into a glass to fully appreciate the bouquet, inspect the color and clarity, and scrutinize the head retention. Sue me. Great soft, floral hop aroma. Definitely Saaz, as advertised on the bottle. Some sweet malt aroma. Flavor reflects aroma. When American micros brew their interpretations of Czech pilsners, they would do well to reference this beer when they calculate their IBU's. The bitterness in this beer is just right. Balances the sweetness perfectly without being over the top. Medium bodied with moderate carbonation. I enjoyed this beer thoroughly.

Also, R and I stopped by the Cricket Hill tour this evening. I apologize to the blogosphere for not updating my calendar (seen left) to accurately reflect my whereabouts. We stuffed ourselves silly at the diner before going over, so we weren't really feeling so beersy. Either way, we sampled the Jersey Breakfast Summer Ale, East Coast Lager, American Ale, and Colonel Blides. Always a pleasure to stop by and see Mr. Reed and sample his latest brews.

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