Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kegerator woes

Kicked my keg of amber last night. That means I have exactly one out of four taps up right now on the kegerator. How embarrassing. I do have some oatmeal stout in the primary that fermented like crazy (almost done after three days) and should be ready to tap in about a week. Also a lager in the secondary, but that's at least three weeks away. I think it's time to brew a quick bitter or mild - something that will be ready to drink within a week of the next brew day.

Much like our sagging economy, we have to really examine the root causes of these horrible problems in order to ensure that we do not repeat them. Why so little beer on tap? Well, I typically brew once every two or three weeks. And in the last six months (say, ten brews) four have basically been giveaways. Two for the wedding, one for DC's, and one for Brewtopia this Friday. That's forty percent of my recent beer not getting tapped up on the kegerator and being given away.

What does that mean for you, loyal reader? No more free rides. So be there at Brewtopia on Friday night, stop by the NYCHG table, and get while the gettin's good. My American Red will be on tap.

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