Monday, October 6, 2008

JC O-fest Recap

Friday afternoon saw the third annual Jersey City Oktoberfest party on Grove Street, right in front of (and sponsored by) Bar Majestic. The festivities were kicked off by a short parade down Grove Street, from Christopher Columbus down to Montgomery Street. This works out to all of 0.1366 miles according to the extremely helpful gmap pedometer site. The mayor, councilmen, and other honorees all met out in front of Bar Majestic, had a beer, then walked down to Columbus, waited for about twenty minutes, then paraded back down Grove to the Bar. Probably the strangest little parade you can imagine. Definitely the only one I've ever been to where there were more people marching than watching. Kind of charming in a way.

Standard German fare available under the tents - wurts and pretzels, plus veggie dogs, a thoughtful touch. Didn't sample any of the food as I was treating R to a fancy dinner out at the Iron Monkey afterwards. We did, however, take advantage of a few Sam Adams Oktoberfests, the only Oktoberfest beer being poured. You can do a lot worse than Sam Adams Oktoberfest.

As for the music situation, it was much improved over the last time we went to this event two years ago. There was a band (the Milwaukees) playing, which was cool. In between sets, the DJ played non-techno/dance music at slightly more tolerable volumes. Definiltey an improvement, and it allowed us to effectively chat up a few councilmen and feel important.

All in all, definitely a fun time. We'll look forward to it again next year. As for the Iron Monkey, the waitress told me that the braised pork shank was "impressive". So I ordered it. And she was right. Great stuff, especially with an Ayinger Oktoberfest, possibly my favorite of them all. Great time of the year for beer drinking.

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