Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jersey City Oktoberfest Celebration

Happening tomorrow afternoon on Grove St. There will be a parade at 4, followed by festivities centered around the Bar Majestic. Luckily I'm getting out of work early tomorrow, so I'm hoping to check out the parade. No word on what beers will be served. Hopefully there will be multiple Oktoberfest beers available.

R and I went to this a few years ago. It was a good time for a while until, in typical downtown JC fashion, the DJ showed up. No better way to ruin an Oktoberfest celebration than by blaring techno in everyone's ears. I'll never be able to understand JC's facination with techno DJ's.

From the looks of the poster on their site, it seems that Bar Majestic will be having a DJ. With any luck it either won't be awful dance music, or if it is, they give us a few hours peace before they start spinning (corny DJ lingo for the simple act of playing a fucking record).

Still absolutely a worthwhile evening. It's always a positive when JC supports fun adult-themed events like this. Wish there were more. I'm looking forward to the parade, some beer, some sausage, and meeting the honorable Mayor Healy again.

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