Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Finally, some Jersey City beer news

Looks like Jersey City will finally get a new beer bar - Zeppelin Hall. Their open date has been shifting for a few months now, but rumor is that they will be open for business this Friday, June 19th. I drove past this place with R a few weeks back. It's tucked away behind Grand Street just south of the hospital in the ground floor of what looks to be some new condo development.

On first glance it appears to have some potential. It looks like a nice open space with some decent outdoor seating. Their initial draft list doesn't really have anything mind blowing, but hey, it's something right?

A few things I'll be curious to see...

  1. What will the atmosphere be in this place? If it's a nice place to relax, have a few beers and some grub and converse with some friends, then they'll have two new loyal customers for sure. If they're poisoned by their proximity to the Sand Bar or succumb to the downtown JC need for every other bar to have some crappy DJ blaring techno music then count us out.
  2. Are they really goint to have 144 draft lines? Sounds great up front, but if they're not turning the beer over as often as they think they will that could quickly become a negative. You can have all the taps in the world, but if the beer is old, who cares? 144 taps seems awfully aggressive to me, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  3. Will they be receptive to carrying more NJ beer or are they tied to some distributor who's dictating what goes on all of the lines? One River Horse beer out of the three dozen or so listed won't cut it. Especially not when they've made room for both Blue Moon AND the Blue Moon seasonal, whatever the hell it's called.

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