Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bowery Whole Foods is beer crazy!

Took a twirl around the Bowery Whole Foods this afternoon as I am wont to do on my lunch. I don't recall if they were doing this when they opened or if this is something that has happened gradually, but beer is all up in that store. A Delerium Tremens display by the pomme frites station. Brooklyn East India IPA by the antipasti. Magic Hat #9 situated interestingly enough right between the candy and the flowers. Those are just three examples of at least a dozen displays throuhgout the store, all this in addition to their Beer Room*.

The Bowery Whole Foods is the only one that I get the chance to check out regularly, so if anybody has seen this trend happening at other locations I'd be interested to know. I wonder if pushing craft and imported beer is some corporate initiative or if it's specific to this location. Leave me some comments.

*The author of this blog does not endorse buying beer at the Bowery Whole Foods Beer Room, as he supports the "little guy" and likes to stick it to the man. Therefore he recommends that you buy down the street at New Beer where the selection is better, even though the owner/manager guy consistently accuses him of being some spy for Union Beer Distributors or Whole Foods.

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