Saturday, April 3, 2010


That's how many beers were entered in the NHC this year. Kind of a staggering number, no? I guess it's a testament to the popularity of this awesome, cool, and totally nerdy hobby, right?

I did my homebrewing thing this evening. Getting out of work early is awesome because I got home from work, brewed, and I'm completely done with cleanup before midnight. Knocked out an English style brown ale. It won't make it into the NHC, but I think it should be a worthy beer nonetheless.

Anyway, I entered four beers in the NHC. If even one advances to the national round I'll be stunned, flattered, and humbled. Everyone should homebrew.


thatguy314 said...

I was pissed off this time. I was waiting for pay day to get the money to enter my beers, and people like Gordon Strong closed off the northeast division. He enters 50ish beers each year. It shouldn't be possible to allow one person to enter 7% of the total maximum beers allowed in a single competition. I had some strong entries this year and I'm somewhat bitter.

Tom E said...

Great point, I hadn't thought of it that way. I also hadn't considered that someone might be the kind of maniac to spend that kind of money on entering that many beers in the comp.

Although I'm almost positive that Gordo wouldn't be entering beers in the northeast. Isn't he an Ohio guy?

thatguy314 said...

Last year Ohio was northeast, as GS judged and placed in the NE, at least according to Vlad (I wasn't there). I guess he was in a different division this year, based on the map.

Seanywonton said...

Tom, any luck with the first round? I sent my only 2nd round placer in today, a Scottish 70.

Tom E said...

I also had only one that placed. And I also sent mine in today. It was a Munich Helles that I brewed with the high pressure lager yeast.

Congrats on making it to the finals! And congrats too on going pro!