Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oysters and Rogue (or Rogue and Oysters) at the Blind Tiger

Dumbass that I am, I needed to look at my own blog to be reminded at the last second about this awesome event. I went last year, ate a dozen Yaquina Bay oysters and got bombed on some fantastic Rogue beers. This year was not to be as fun filled and exciting, since I didn't really have the time to spend there. I was in and out in about 25 minutes last night.

Rogue: They're just one of America's best microbreweries. They make killer beer. They have a hop farm. One of these days me and R will make it out to their public house/inn thing that they have out there in Oregon.

As far as last night goes, I only had time for one, so I went with the Northwest Signature, a Rogue beer that I'd never had the opportunity to taste before. I'd describe it as an American IPA that was more evenly balanced. Rather than being hop forward it had some thick maltiness to it. Darker than most IPA's. Great stuff from them, as usual. Also, big props to the Rogue folks (and the Tiger, I guess) for having plenty of full pints on the menu. It's nice to see the Tiger have an event where half the board is filled with $7, 10 oz servings.

Oysters: Hit and miss. They were definitely tasty. Mild, not very briny. The plate that I got varied in size quite a bit. The biggest problem was that half of them were mangled. Busted shells, bits of shell hiding in the meat. Kind of ruins the experience, but the half that were in good shape really hit the spot. And for the price ($16 a dozen), it's kind of tough to get worked up about it. I'd just like to see the Tiger get someone in there next year who knows how to handle oysters, especially considering that the thin shells on the Yaquina Bay variety are more susceptible to breaking.

And special thanks to the dude who let me encroach on his space while I ate my oysters. I was panicking at the thought of trying to handle a dozen oysters in the usual elbow-to-elbow after work environment of the Tiger.

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Sam Carroll said...

Got there at about 4 and they were out of oysters. Had to suffer through 04 old crusty and menage quad. Tough life.