Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beer Wars Live - no review required

I had intended to write up a review of my Beer Wars Live experience. Then I came across this. I guess there's not much more to say.

OK, I can think of two more things to say...

There has been a lot of noise from the beer nerds over Rhonda Kallman. Everybody's all up in arms that she was portrayed as one of "the little guys" when she's not a "real" craft brewer. Fine, she may lack authenticity from a craft perspective, but she's certainly more of a "little guy" as far as this movie is concerned than Sam Calagione. The man is wildly successful in the face of all of the abuse that craft brewers take from A-B (sometimes allegedly, sometimes absolutely). He's built up a 75,000 bbl a year brewery with distribution all over the country. Oh, and not to mention that he's built the most super-exclusive beer brand on the planet and is selling twelve ounce bottles of 120 Minute IPA for $11.

Puh-lease. Forgive me for rolling my eyes yet again over all of the attention paid to Sam Calagione, the coolest kid in class. It's funny how all of these people who've heard Sam's story a hundred times and can probably recite his bio from memory have no problem with the amount of screen time he's given, but they're spitting mad over Rhonda.

And Ben Stein moderating the panel at the end of the movie was hilarious, for all of the wrong reasons. His hyper-capitalist douchebaggery was on full display. Clearly unprepared to discuss the topic at hand, it was really funny to hear how excited he got when Greg Koch described Stone's average 47% annual growth over the last ten years. Beer, not so exciting for Ben. Big numbers, percentages, growth? BOING!!!!

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