Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The New York City Homebrewers Guild is sponsoring a BJCP class for homebrewers who want to become beer judges. The first meeting is tonight at Jimmy's No. 43 at 7:30PM (I know, three hours notice). But the real classes don't start until next Tuesday, April 7th, at Burp Castle. The topic will be Malt and we'll be covering light lagers and pilsners. Discussion lead by none other than yours truly.

This is a great opportunity for any homebrewers in the area who want to get more involved in competition judging, to check out the Guild, and get more involved in the local homebrewing scene. You can pick up a lot of great pointers from the experienced brewers in the Guild, no matter what your personal level of experience may be. So come by one of the meetings or check out the NYCHG Yahoo Group for more information and up to the minute discussion.

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