Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Crappy NJ Brewery Regulations

Great post over at Beer Stained Letter about the state of regulatory affairs in the New Jersey craft brewing scene. Read Jeff's post for the full scoop, but here's the quick and dirty:

The state of New Jersey makes things way harder on craft brewers than it is in other states. Production micros can only sell a customer a max of two six-packs or two-growlers per visit. Brewpubs can only sell on premises in their restaurant - they can't distribute kegs to other bars or packaged beer to liquor stores. The state forces a craft brewery to be either strictly production and distribution or on premises consumption. Why? Why wouldn't the state want these small businesses to be able to expand their revenue streams, get their names out there, and flourish?

And we wonder why New Jersey is so far behind the craft brewing curve. Maybe if an NJ brewpub could package and distribute throughout the state and in neighboring states they could make a bigger name for themselves. Maybe if a production brewery could make more money for themselves and for the state by selling more beer on premises they'd be able to grow their business a little more. Let's hope that enough people in the state start caring about this and can eventually affect some change in the antiquated legislation.

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