Thursday, December 11, 2008

Culturing Yeast Part 4

Aaaaaaand.... we're back.

So the last step in culturing up this yeast was to sample the 100ml starters to make sure that they fermented properly and grow them up to a full sized yeast starter. That and to innoculate the agar slants, but I'll post on that later.

I decanted some of the fermented wort (hereon refered to as beer) from each of the 100ml starters. Here they are. I knew those beer festival sample glasses would come in handy one day!

I tasted each one and each tasted exactly the same. Neutral, clean, no off flavors at all. Well attenuated. So the next step was to prepare a 3000ml yeast starter with some yeast nutrient, 5.2, and a drop of olive oil. The yeast slurry from each of the 100ml starters was pitched into cooled 3000ml starter and it was set on the stir plate to ferment out.


Mark (the Brush Valley Brewer) said...

Hey Tom!

I have really enjoyed your four-part series on yeast culturing. Are you still thinking about doing a post on inoculating slants? I sure would like to see how you do that.


Tom E said...

Yeah, I've been meaning to put something up. I'm going to make some slants at some point this week or next, so I'll be sure to post on it. Thanks for reading.